Utah for Local Education

Candidate: Kathleen Riebe

Office: State School Board, District 10 (2016 PrimaryElection)

2016 Election Candidate Survey Questions and Answers

Candidate answers are presented exactly as received, including grammatical and spelling errors.

Q1: What are the three (3) most critical education issues in our state?

A1-1: Class Size

A1-2: Weighted pupil unit

A1-3: Teacher retention

Q2: Do you believe the Common Core State Standards (also known as the Utah Core) will prepare students to be college and career ready?

A2: Yes

Q3: Recently Governor Gary Herbert asked the State School Board to leave the Common Core and implement new statewide standards. As a member of the State School Board, would you support the Governor's request?

A3: No

Q4: Do you believe parents should be able to opt a student out of the statewide assessment tests and the State Longitudinal Database System?

A4: Yes

Q5: Do you believe Utah should provide universal pre-K education for children?

A5: Yes

Q6: Do you believe public schools are adequately funded? If not, please briefly specify changes that should be made to provide appropriate financial support.

A6: No. Utah and various states are being impacted by a teacher shortage. Utah has the lowest WPU in the country. Utah would be better prepared to meet the needs of our students if the education system was competitively funded with the rest of the country. Teachers in Utah are leaving to go to other states to receive higher pay. Local control at the district level would allow districts to use the funds more appropriate for their demographic.

Q7: With regard to the Federal Department of Education, do you support: A) Keeping it as it is, B) Changing it to a small research and advisory organization, C) Completely eliminating it, D) Other (please specify)

A7: Other. Federal Dept of Ed. should ensure the right to a fair and free public education, but should not create unfunded mandates that burden districts and states.

Q8: If you want to clarify any of your answers, please do so here.

A8: Common core: as a teacher I believe the common core is misunderstood. The common core is a guideline to ensure that students in each area of our country and state are being taught the same basic skills. The common core is not testing. The common core is not specific and does not specify novels, testing or homework. It allows our increasingly mobile population to have a commonality in expectations for our students. Statewide assessments should be more flexible to show the growth of all of our students. Pre K instruction should be available to all stakeholders that would like to participate.

Q9: If you want to share a brief position on education issues, please do so here.

A9: (Did not respond)