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Education Legislation - 2018

Keep track of the bills critical to local control of education for the 2018 Legislative Session

This material is not meant to be an all encompassing list of education bills, but those most critical to local control.

We do our best to keep this page updated, but the official Utah State Legislature website (http://le.utah.gov/) is the primary source for the most up to date information on the bills listed below. Be sure to check the Legislature's website for official information, particularly committee meeting times and bill status. Schedules for the House and Senate Education Committees, as well as contact information for committee members, can be found through our State Education Committees page.

The Legislature's website also includes a useful bill Tracking Service that will automatically inform you of updates to bills (http://le.utah.gov/asp/billtrack/track.asp).

State Legislation

Contacting your elected officials regarding critical issues is one of the most important steps we can take, especially during the legislative session.

Find the contact information for the House and Senate Education Committees here.
Find the contact information for your elected officials here.

Bill # Title Description Local Ed Stance Status Action
HB 46 Educator Licensing Modifications This bill would modify the state educator licensing system. It tasks the State School Board with creating a new licensing system, providing direction for simplification of rules in the current system. It also creates a new "LEA-specific educator license", bringing some input on licensing to the local schools. This bill is a first step towards easing the burdensome licensing restrictions on educators. Support Passed the Senate Education Committee, to be voted on by the House soon. Contact your State Representative and ask them to vote YES on this important bill.

Find your State Representative and contact info HERE. Make sure to state you are a constituent at the start of your call or email.
HB 264 Elementary School Counselor Program This bill opens the door to social workers and school counselors intervening in serious student mental health decisions that should be left to parents and their chosen doctors. It also funds collection and storage of psychological data on students. And it takes over $2 million of tax funding to do all this. Oppose Passed the House 59-11-5 Moves to the Senate. Check back for further updates.
HB 234 Compulsory Education Revisions This bill clarifies that a parent may excuse their child from school not only for a physical illness, but for a mental illness as well. Parents are the primary decision makers on a child's well being, whether that be physical or mental. This bill ensures parents clearly have the right to excuse their child for mental concerns as well. Support Passed the Senate Education Committee 3-0-4. Contact your State Senator and ask them to vote YES on this critical bill.

Find their contact information available through our Elected Officials page.
SB 122 Bond Election Amendments This bill requires that the bond debt to the taxpayer cannot exceed the amount that was stated as part of the bond election. Currently school districts can use accounting tricks to increase the actual amount borrowed beyond the amount approved in the election. School bonds are a debt to all taxpayers in a district and it is crucial that this process be transparent. Support Passed the Senate 23-3-3 Moves to the House Revenue and Taxation Committee.

Federal Legislation

We primarily focus on state and local legislation as we can impact those most effectively, however we will let you know of federal legislation if it has a substantial impact on education.

Bill # Title Description Local Ed Stance Action