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Next Generation Science Standards

New Proposed Science Standards for Utah

The Utah State Office of Education (USOE) held a series of meetings and an on-line comment period to hear public reaction to the controversial Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) proposed for use in Utah.

The NGSS are basically Common Core for Science: fundamentally flawed standards that were nationally developed yet deceptively sold to us as a Utah product.

Standards Development and Content

What Can I Do?

The State School meets Thursday August 6th to vote on adoption of the NGSS. Please contact your board member immediately and ask them to vote against the adoption of these standards. We should be seeking to improve our current standards that are already superior to the NGSS, not throwing them out and moving backwards. Find out who your State School board member is here and their contact information here.

On-line Public Comments

On April 9th, the Utah State Board of Education announced a 90-day Public review period for the standards.

Public Meetings

5 public meetings were held throughout the state discussing the standards.